• Global sourcing of knit, wowen, denim and faux suede textile garments
  • Product development and unique design teams for men, women, kids and infants
  • In house sampling
  • Award winning manufacturing factories
  • Flexibility with low minimum order quantities
  • Following trends in daily basis
  • Monitoring of each stage of production
  • Fast delivery & transparent supply chain
  • Quality Assurance & BSCI and SEDEX Social Compliances

We, Gençyıldız team, are offering a niche boutique service from yarn to shelf: Acquiring materials, designing and developing samples, forecasting fashion tendencies, manufacturing SMS and bulk orders, quality support, duty-free reservations, logistics, customer service oriented teams and more.


We keep daily track of the process, from cutting and knitting to dyeing, coating, washing, finishing all the way to the logistics. With our respected buyer’s advice, Gençyıldız team would love to seek new opportunities for new products and innovative applications on a daily basis. We supply relation between customer and the supplier, to get all approvals from collection until shipment. We ensure that our products meet international quality standards, before they are delivered to customers. We work in a ‘boutique service’ style, assigning individual merchandisers to each one of our clients, as well as QC and other supporting departments who are led by the merchandiser. Basically, we keep track of both developments and bulk orders, from yarn to shelf.

Our merchandiser team would prepare the production file and executing orders based on buyers advice immediately after the pp meetings. They would give daily updates about the production process. They will chase design team with regular collections made for each of our partners, and all aspects of design covered (from print and artwork to 3D shapes and modelling). They would also analyse and perfect the Bill of Material (BOM) and fabric indent.


We can deliver directly to each customer’s shelf. We manage the entire production process through export award winning production factories. We are responsible for placing each unique style to the best possible factory, in terms of price and sewing abilities. Working with professional factories enables us to cooperate with our customers and adapt quickly.

Our team would find the best suppliers for your products in terms of quality and price wise. They would conduct and schedule pp meetings and follow necessary actions accordingly. We would ensure that our team would negotiate with multiple suppliers on our customer’s behalf to get the best price.

Our dedicated factories have all in-house sample development lines. They would follow the latest style, print, embroidery or wash trends. Our dedicated Gençyıldız experts would work closely with our customers to offer same-week samples. We’re involved in every step of product development. Potential manifacturing risk would be exmined closely during development stages. We always search all the latest trends in the local and international fairs, exhibitions and new developments in our suppliers and we always offer our efforts to find new products and complete collections for our customers.

Our production lines are all flexible based on duty regulations, lead time and value. Their fast turnaround times are faster then ever. Their professional teams quickly adjust setups for changing leads. We make sure our units keep up with the fast-paced nature of the fashion industry.

With presence in all relevant manufacturing territories and partner factories. Our manifacturing units have in-house fabric-trim sourcing and cut&sew departments, which make it fast to deliver results. We would conduct the necessary lab tests within 3 days at most.


Thanks to our manifacturring partner's in-house product development departments, a series of photos, collections and material mock-ups.. etc would be presented by our dedicated stylists to inspire our buyers on weekly basis. Our product development team would follow the latest fashion styles with trend forecasts.


We would make sure that our manufacturer partners will offer you the latest technology fabrics. We have in-house fabric experts in our fabric-purchasing departments and they are ready for any kind of guidance. Our team, ready to research the latest technological R&D guidance of our strategic fabric suppliers, with which we are in close contact, is at your disposal. We would offer you laboratory approvals by independent inspection companies so that you can be sure of our high quality fabrics.


If our production units have not totally passed the audit; we are responsible for the non-compliances to be corrected.

Last but not least, we would like to stress that, environmentally-friendly production is our top priority. Gençyıldız’s sustainability promise is to make a difference for future generations by respecting the planet and ensuring human rights. A meticulous program of ongoing audits helps us to ensure all suppliers with whom we work are in total compliance with the most demanding social, labor, human rights and environmental codes. We guarantee sourcing sustainable products, cutting their carbon footprint down by adopting greener and fairer approaches throughout their supply chain operations.

Our quality control experts, who have mastered AQL systems, will be in close contact with the in-house sample manufacturing lines of our manufacturer partners and will present the potential manifacturing risks to our buyers in advance. Our customers can inspect the departments of our manufacturers as they wish.

We Gençyıldız are strict in our social compliance policies. We would monitor production and sorting defects to make sure your product is of the best quality. We offer in-line quality inspection and regular end-user testing, with AQL systems in each of our manufacturing units. Performing inline and final inspections under the AQL system with our experienced quality control team to prevent possible quality problems in both collection and production processes and informing customers with the QC reports simultaneously. We make sure our QC staff identify quality issues on time and solve them immediately.


Ensuring that both shipments and documents are prepared in accordance with the needs of the customer, in both sample and bulk order deliveries and transferring all the related info and documents to customers simultaneously with the deliveries. We would make sure our customer’s orders shipped on time using quality control and production best practices.